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Get Unlimited Chrono Crystals for your dragonball legends account.

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Our tool, Dragon Ball Legends guide is very easy to use. Currently, this is the only working tool available online for Dragon Ball Legends. The tool is being updated everyday to keep it working. In 3 steps, you can generate unlimited Chrono Crystals for your account.

100% Undetectable
We protect your identify so you cannot get banned for using dragon ball legends cheat.
100% Undetectable
We protect your identify so you cannot get banned for using dragon ball legends guide.
All Platforms
You can run dragon ball legends cheats from anywhere. Our guide is web-based so you can run it from any platform.
All Platforms
You can run dragon ball legends hack from anywhere. Our hack is web-based so you can run it from any platform.
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VIDEO // Dragon Ball Legends Hack

We know that you may be fear to use our guide tool. So we made a proof video to show you how we use the tool. In this video, you can see how we make 3 steps to get free chrono crystals for dragon ball legends. You can generate UNLIMITED chrono crystals for free. We recommend to use the tool one time per 48 hours.

Dragon Ball Legends Free Chrono Crystals

Dragon Ball Legends; A combat adventure-based game with plenty of energy and zest. There are many array of combat sequences which automatically makes it enjoyable with enough characters at your fingertips. E.g Goku And then there is the real-life features and gameplay.

To win more and enjoy Dragon Ball Legends. Players are required to chose the best characters and weapons to unlock passages and complete missions. The use of money to purchase items of the game is fun and quite beneficial. Before using dragon ball legends guide and cheats to discover infinite chrono crystals and more exciting stuff, you should know that the game can be played on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.

Dragon Ball Legends Tips

There are many ways you can achieve various features and challenges in the new Dragon Ball Legends game. From soul boosting to chrono crystals, Z power, unlimited energy, zeni and rare medals.

You will also receive other interesting items to help you through the stages. Check out for challenges when you start any chapter. Story modes also offers character XPs as rewards which is fundamental to leveling up characters. Consequently, you can boost the performance of your characters and unlock objectives.

Characters are categorised into some groups which are arranged in the basis of their power and skills like melee, defense, ranges and support.

The fighting styles from various characters are realistic and strikingly distinguished. There is also an elementary system for selecting your characters.

-Red is more powerful than yellow

-Yellow is stronger than purple

-Purple influences the green

-Green dominates blue

-Blue easily tackles red.

How To Get Free Chrono Crystals In Dragon Ball Legends

Chrono crystals are quite important when combating enemies on Dragon Ball Legends. It can help you activate more power and unlock unlimited resources.

We are going to be unlocking and gaining chrono crystals by following the listed steps below.

  1. Go to any of the above gaming sites and fill in your username and chose the platform in which you are using (Android, Windows or iOS).
  2. There will be a small switch beneath titled as "anti ban". Click it "ON" and hit the "Connect" button.
  3. Wait for the system to connect to the servers. When complete, a success notification will appear to verify that you have successfully connected.
  4. Scroll down to see another box below your screen where you are allowed to chose how many crystals your imagination can hold. By pressing the little scroll button on the side, you can select how many crystals you wish which ranges from 100 to over 100,000.
  5. Hit the "generate" button below.
  6. Wait for the window to load as the sytsem obtains methods to create a link to the PRS servers.
  7. After the process is complete and the required information is obtained, a new screen pops up with a human verification notification. Don't panic, it's just like any other human verification step in other websites like captcha. It is used to allow the system to know that you are truly human.
  8. It will then take you to a new page which says to install two new fee app via Google play store.
  9. After installing the new apps, make sure you use both of them for about 1minute to fully pass the Human verification step. You can also complete any further necessary activations and connections on the new apps. Better still, allow usage access for them from your phone settings.
  10. Go back to the game and connect to servers and grin in joy watching your chrono crystals sky rocket by the top right end of your game menu. Enough crystals to use, enjoy!

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